This week in the big chair, we have Mr Jon Evans, creator and host of 'The Uncensored CMO' podcast, "dishing the dirt on the good, the bad and downright ugly in marketing".

If you've yet to tune in, it's a great listen as Jon and his emintent guests dissect and scrutinise the best and worst marketing theory and practice. Professor Mark Ritson is a good place to start, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them all. Perfect ear fodder when driving.

More links below, but for now, let's meet Jon.

DG x

What gets you out of bed on a morning?

Needing a pee. Followed by a sense of panic that there is something really important I have forgotten about happening today!

Worst marketing buzzword?

Personas. People create a fictitious character that supposedly represents their target audience and think they are so clever. Instead just go and meet your customers and find out who they are and you’ll soon know what to do.

What is the most undervalued skill in marketing?

That’s easy. Finance. Ok I realise that Jedi Master would have been a better answer but the reality is most marketers can’t count, and they should, because they are there to make money. Trouble is they are too busy creating Personas to notice.

What one ‘non-business book’ would you’d recommend that everyone read?

1984 by George Orwell because we may be heading for that

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I once worked on a production line making hospital drips. They hired a couple of girls alongside me but they did the same job in about half the time so I got demoted to working on the incinerator for the rejected drips. Standing by a hot oven for 8 hours wasn’t fun!

What topics/issues/trends/ideas should marketers be thinking about at the moment?

Start by understanding what is happening in the real world and not your social media feed. Creativity is by far the biggest weapon at your disposal so learn to use it. Measure the effectiveness of what you do so you can get better at it. Don’t be fooled by the ‘latest thing’ but use what has been proven to work. Be good to the environment as we owe that to our kids! Always have a higher purpose that will make a difference in this life - you only get one shot! Be nice to everyone. Read more and listen to podcasts as there is so much wisdom out there you can access for free. Ok so that sounded more like a manifesto than a list of topics and trends. Sorry.

What’s your favourite - must have app?

Training Peaks. It tracks my exercise and gives me feedback on what I am doing. When the little red dot appears to signal that my coach has left me a review I always read it straight away.

What do you spend way too much money on?

My Bike(s). Sadly I am that MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) you see racing down country lanes. I do it for the health benefits (honest) and to meet up with friends. Trouble is you soon get into an arms race for the latest kit which gets ridiculously expensive. My cycling shoes for example are at least twice as expensive as my best pair of normal shoes! At least I now understand how women feel about handbags

If you were guaranteed the correct answer to one question, what would you ask?

Which of the million ideas that go through my brain should I act on!!

What is something that I could learn right now, that will be useful for the rest of my life? How to use your time. I think it might be the source code to success. We let other people dictate our attention way too much. Learn to take control and I think it will transform your life. That said I really need to use that advice myself ;)

How do you define success?

Happiness. Not just my own.

You visit your ten-year-old self and tell them about your life. What do they think?

Should have done less Skateboarding and more running (I got to a very good level but had too many injuries to make it to the big time and I think they were skateboard related). Beyond that it would be start your own company in your early twenties before you get a mortgage and a family. You don’t need as much experience as you think you do! Especially now with so much support and advice available. Take all the risk when you are young and have less at stake.

There are 5 empty seats at your table, who are your dream dinner party guests - from any time or place?

Winston Churchill. Bradley Wiggins. Malala. Jesus. My Mum.

Quick fire

Early bird or night owl? Night Owl

Book or boxset? Boxset

Call or text? Call

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

Netflix or YouTube? Netflix

Library or museum? Museum

Classic or modern? Classic

Talk us through your workspace.

What helps you get through the day and do what you need to do?

RODE Podcast Mic

I use this for my Uncensored CMO podcast and it creates such a rich and strong sound that I think enhances the listening experience. It also makes me feel a bit like a Pro.

100% Sunglasses

These are the coolest glasses you can buy for riding a bike. They also help with your vision on the road and keep you safe.

Bose headphones

These help me focus and be more productive. I listen to Rock music which I find speeds up my thinking and writing

Pental sign pen

I like to doodle when I write which helps me remember things and this pen is the perfect one. Took me ages to find the right one but now I buy these in bulk. Oh and I love highlighter pens too!

Trek Bars

I get hungry mid morning and mid afternoon and these are my go to bars. Less mess and less fat than a traditional flapjack but tastes just as good.

My Uncensored CMO podcast

There are very few decent marketing podcasts out there so this is my attempt at one. Unlike others I have actually done marketing for many years and can distinguish what works from the BS. I hope my experience and the guests I have on can help others learn and do great things!

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